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The team at Zyrve is dedicated to making your tech life easier. A good tech expert should always be learning something new, a great tech expert should be keeping the client’s best interest in mind in addition to learning more every day. That’s what we strive to do. We want to give small-medium size towns like Zyrve’s hometown (Seminole, TX) their own personal technology solutions.

It was the owners Aaron and Anna Johnston who have a heart for small-medium size towns and their community. Zyrve was founded from humble beginnings and the team never forgets it. Thus, they’ve decided to help other businesses in small towns to give them their start. It’s here that we’re wanting to assist in growing other businesses and we know it’s only the start.

What we do

Take a look at our variety of tech help services below.

Malware/Virus Removal

Viruses and Malware can be so annoying. The team at Zyrve are dedicated to help you gain back control of your computer/device. If you’re having struggles with Viruses/Malware on your device, let one of our team members help remove the problem.



Getting errors with your tech can be troubling. That’s where we come to assist. We’re able to troubleshoot tech to help you find the problem, and find a solution for the issue. Give us a call so we can help. We also provide remote support.

Data Recovery

Memories are a precious thing. Especially when you have pics/videos of those memories on an old device that you can’t access anymore. We can help you recover data (pics, videos, important documents, etc.) from old hard drives. Before you throw away that old device, let us help you recover some of that forgotten data.


Need help with setting up a tech device or installing a new software, we can help. We’re nerds and proud of it, let us help make your life easier.


It can be your damaged phone, computer, tablet, or another form of tech that needs serious help, we’ve got your back. We can help repair your electronic device, contact us today.


Tech Consulting

Mac or PC…Android or Apple…iPad Pro or Windows Surface…There are so many choices to choose from with technology. Let the Zyrve professionals help you find the device that’ll fit your needs. Let us help you today.

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